What does the ASNHOAI Homeowners Association do?

The ASNHOAI envisions to be “the self-sustaining model community” while building and preserving the value, character and charm of the ASNHOAI community. This entails proactively creating programs that will support and realize this vision and oppose changes that would adversely impact residential property values and homeowners security and well-being, including undesirable development, signage, road widening, traffic and similar such phenomenon.

Why should I be active in the ASNHOAI activities?

There are power in numbers. The very reasonable annual dues are a manifestation of our concern and commitment to our collective interests. The more people we have involved with the organization, the more power the organization will have while fulfilling it’s community vision, mission and values.

When and Where are the meetings?

Unless otherwise advised, board meetings are held every 3rd week of the month at the Clubhouse Function Room. A calendar of Committee meetings and community activities are published regularly through the newsletter and special advisories.

How much does membership cost?

All homeowners are members of the ASNHOAI. Annual association dues is at Php 85.92 per square meter of property. Collection annually, quarterly and monthly with discounts for early payments.

How can I help?

We have numerous volunteer opportunities. The best way to get involved is to attend in scheduled Committee meetings and get to know the other homeowners that have the same interests as you.