Dear ASN neighbors,

It is with pleasure that we provide you with the most powerful tool that will allow us to get closer to what we envision as "the self-sustaining model community"- information!

With this first Homeowner's Guide you will have information in your hands that will enable you to understand:

Click on the link below

This is meant to be "living document" that will continue to evolve as our community grows. It is a guide that will respond to our changing needs as homeowners, families, and individuals that make up a thriving community!

Please make time to read it, share it with the rest of the household members, and we do welcome comments, suggestions and recommendations on both the content and format of this guide. We will also periodically send addenda or revisions to each of the categories above which you can simply incorporate into this guide.

God Bless!

For the Board of directors
ASN Homeowners Association, Inc.